Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Many season 11 fanfictions #3

So this one is titled 'Vex.' I kind of like it. I made this one because it touches on the point that Vex may not be all bad. I like villains. 😈

Vex closed the door, then let his fake smile drop back into a scowl.

‘Wretched emperor.’ he thought, as he often did. ‘This is worthless. Why don’t I become the emperor! Everyone knows I’m the one calling the shots!’ 

‘Because you can’t summon ice dragons at will.’ He reminded himself. 

A very exasperated Vex sighed. Ten minutes ago he had actually been in bed. Now he could never get back to sleep. Just this one evening he had convinced himself to retire. Then as he was drifting off, he heard the usual noises in the bedroom next to him of the emperor awaking suddenly from one of his ‘dreams’.

Vex knew he had to go and make sure the ‘emperor’ didn’t realize what these dreams actually were. He got up and saw to it that the emperor thought it nothing, then he left the room. Now here he was, about to have another sleepless night of fitful worrying and planning. Vex turned and paced the corridor.

Ever since that worthless stranger in green had appeared, the ‘emperor’ had started having those worthless dreams. From what Vex had gathered, these dreams were glimpses of his life that he had forgotten. 

These dreams were dangerous.

Always after these visions the emperor acted strangely and spoke harshly to Vex, though he did not know why. When Vex mentioned the green stranger or mentioned the word green at all, a strange look crossed the emperor’s face. Vex hoped it wasn’t recognition. All this made Vex very worried.

What if he put the pieces together? What if he figured out who he was? Vex’s reign would be over!

Now he began to wonder, as he usually did, whether he was doing the right thing. Reflecting back on the day when he first encountered this Zane fellow, he really seemed like a nice man. That was before Vex caused him to lose his memory.

Now Vex felt a twinge of guilt. 

‘If I told him the truth, he would probably kill me.’ Vex thought bitterly. He sighed, thinking. Then he decided: ‘I’ve gone too far. I can’t undo it.’

Then Vex turned and plotted how to get rid of that awful traveler in green. 

And so, at the end, like I always do, I'll give it a one to five star rating. (Even though it's my
own work.) I'll give it four stars. ⭐⭐⭐⭐☆

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