Thursday, March 12, 2020

Many Season 11 Fanfictions #1

Here are the fanfictions you were promised!

Okay, there are parts of these that I'm not quite in love with, but for the most part, I'm really proud of these. I'm going to release them in the order I wrote them. All of these work together, they're supposed to be all one night.

If you haven't seen Ninjago season 11 these won't make sense, but you can still read them anyway. At the end of the fanfiction I'll give the piece a rating of 1-5 stars. (even though they're my own work lol)

This first one is titled

The Emperor

The emperor snapped awake and bolted upright in bed.

He blinked, trying to remember… He had been dreaming. Yes, that was it. Dreaming about a girl. A pretty girl with green eyes and white skin. Her hair was… silver. And she was crying, she had been dreaming too. About something, no, someone that had been lost.
Why had he awoken at this? Nothing frightening had occurred. It was as if she tried to wake him… but she had never looked at him. Maybe he had awoken himself because of this pretty girl in his dream. But why? Though the emperor was sure he had never seen this girl anywhere, something about her was familiar. For some strange reason, he wanted to help her; help her find the thing... or person... that was lost.

The bedroom door creaked open. “Are you alright emperor?” Came the oily voice of his advisor, Vex.

The emperor shot Vex a look and hated him with everything in him. Then he relented and shook his head. Why had he felt that way about Vex? He had never felt that way before about his trusted advisor. It was like he had become someone else for a minute. But he was not someone else! He was the Ice Emperor. And Vex was his most trusted friend and companion. What is wrong with me? the emperor thought.

“My apologies, but I heard noise in your bedroom and felt it my duty to check on you.” Vex crossed to the bed. “What troubles my emperor tonight? You look worried.” 

“I have had a troubling… dream”

“Again?” Vex cried, not sounding surprised but annoyed. Then he softened. “Your majesty must remember: they are only dreams” Vex sighed, sounding more like his oily self. “It will be best for you to forget that dream and get a good night’s rest before morning. We still have that stranger in green to deal with.” Vex walked over to the door and closed it with “Goodnight, my emperor.” 

The emperor lay back down. He sat there a moment thinking. Then he closed his eyes, trying to remember… 

...and THE END to the poor excuse for a fanfiction piece.

I'll give this one a rating of three out of five stars ⭐⭐⭐ ☆☆ because this one's not really my favorite.

Well, good day fangirls and boys, GOODNIGHT!

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