Thursday, March 12, 2020

Many Season 11 Fanfictions #2

Here are the fanfictions you were promised!

This one is one of my favorites. Enjoy! 

Akita's Fury

Akita jolted awake and almost gave a cry. She was glad she had not, for her new friend, Lloyd, was still sleeping not 5 feet from her. Her brother… her whole village had been right there, then suddenly ripped from her as the emperor ordered his ice dragon to freeze them all. The picture of her brother looking up, eyes wide and scared; the picture of him just before he was destroyed, lingered vividly in her mind’s eye.

Her brother, Kataru, the thought of him hurt her heart. He was more than a brother, he was her best friend. He had only just discovered his animal form too. Her eyes brimmed with tears. 

The emperor.

She shook for anger. Reliving the moment when she had lost everything added wood, no, gasoline, to the wildfire of anger now burning inside her. She confirmed her vow to never rest, never be at peace, until her village was avenged. 

She would never stop until the Ice Emperor was dead.

Tears spilled from her eyes and froze with the snow. Akita hastily glanced around to see if anyone had noticed, embarrassed that anyone should see her so weak as to cry. But she saw only Lloyd.

What did Lloyd think of her quest? When she had told him of it, he seemed not to mind, but Akita wondered if that was the truth. She crawled over to look more closely at Lloyd. She studied his sleeping face. His round jaw, large eyes, strong eyebrows, and pointed nose. The lips that so willingly told her his life story, the hands that had saved her life, the eyes that when open, shone with optimism and pride. 

‘No’, she thought. ‘He will never let me carry out my quest. I know it.’

But there was something noble in that. He was so honorable, so friendly, so honest. He was in many ways… beautiful. ‘Is this love?’

She had heard of girls in her village who were ‘in love’. Giggling dreamy-eyed gossips who blushed and batted their eyes. But this was much different. 

But he is going to prevent me from carrying out my mission. He is too noble. 

It was a desicion. Whom did she love more? Lloyd, or avenging her brother? She contemplated this for a while, but then the old fire returned.

“I am sorry Lloyd. But if you prevent me from taking my revenge, you will fall with the emperor.”

Akita is so cool. I will give this one a rating of 5 out of 5 stars :⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Good day, fangirls and boys, GOODNIGHT!

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